It's our Birthday!

Just before heading to the JustGiving Awards 2017 last year, Kenneth and I sat in a nearby pub to record the very first episode of the Do More Good podcast.

We waffled on for about forty minutes, passing a pair of iphone headphones between us as we discussed our careers and how they were set to imminently plummet in a tabloid expose on our published revelations. It went OK - no awkward silences - and after solemnly promising each other we wouldn't say a word to anyone, we set off for the party.

Twenty minutes later, everyone had a drink and an opinion. We had both immediately failed in our pledge to keep it under wraps. However we have stuck to recording and releasing episodes. It's evolved, grown and somehow avoided investigative journalists. Best of all we've met and interviewed some properly amazing people in the sector and beyond. Keith Williams kicked off our guestlist, and since then we've chatted with Lucy Gower, Dina Bhadreshwara, Sandra Luther, Amanda Bringans, Virgina Anderson, our champion north of the border Gary Kernahan, Sebastian Jenkins, Danielle Griffin, Natasha Evans, Patrick Ols.. Ozalsk... Olszowski and Wilbur, Chloe Arrowsmith, Trewin Restorick, Persephone Deacon-Cole, Kristen Mueller, Jeremy 'Pina' Gould, Nick Sankey, Jenni Anderson, Ben Swart from o2 and more.

‘So, you’re bringing back the rollneck?’

‘So, you’re bringing back the rollneck?’

We've hidden the receipts for five microphones, about six miles of cabling, splitters, adapters and two recorders (only losing them once); got to grips with editing software and online platforms; worked through around forty-eight packs of AA batteries; ordered a couple of beers, a few cappuccinos and one pinot grigio; we've recorded in bars, pubs, hotels and from 30,000 feet on flights; we've only decided against releasing one episode (recorded at 3am at the Running Awards, trust us it was a good call) and, in a surprise to everyone involved, seen thousands of downloads.

Kenneth and I are meeting tonight to toast a busy twelve months and plan for the next, before we head to the JustGiving Awards 2018 (he'd better bring me a card.) Thanks to everyone who has been involved, offered support, encouragement and advice - particularly FOTPs Laura Kirkwood, Lucy Squance, Rick Lay and Suzy Edington.

So from Little K-Dizzle and I - it's been great, thank you all. See you at the bar.

James Wright