"Do one thing every day which scares you"

That's a saying isn't it. I've heard it a lot, along with "Get out of your comfort zone", "Push your boundaries", "Face your fears" and "Are you sure that shirt goes with those trousers, James?"

Well here goes. On my birthday last year, Kenneth Foreman took me out for lunch and charmed me in to joining him on a new venture - a podcast about professional development, careers, work-life balance and leadership. We know how to have a good time.

Pod BW 03.jpg

So for the past few months we've been meeting up in pubs and having a chat over a pint. It's no more than that, we decided to get it up and running and see where it took us. Neither of us claim to be experts but what we lack in knowledge, we make up for in genuine passion for our jobs and an interest in starting a conversation. If nothing else, we had a few beers and gave it a go.

We've received some really helpful feedback from some trusted friends, who I'm pleased to say have remained friends. With their help we're improving with each episode (I'd go for Episode Four if I were you) and planning on having some guests join us in the next couple of weeks.

So if you needed something for your journey home tonight then check out the rest of the  site and let us know what you think. We're open to suggestions for future episodes, nominations for speakers and big money advertising opportunities via comments below, email or Twitter.

I'm going to post this across social media, cross my fingers and tick 'Do something which scares you' off the to-do list for the day.

James Wright