Going Live

Those of you of a certain age will undoubtedly remember Philip Schofield (in his pre-silver-fox days) and Sarah Greene hosting kids TV on a Saturday morning. 

I think Going Live was the precursor to Live and Kicking, SMTV: Live and the Big Breakfast - the days before YouTube and Netflix. Anyway, the point is it was recorded Live, which is what we'll be doing.  

That's right, we get to use the phrase 'in front of a studio audience' and those of you attending the Institute of Fundraising Convention on Monday 2nd July can be part of said mob of heckling, drunken podcast fans. Those of you not attending will of course be able to hear the nerves in our voices as we present in front of five or six people who were looking for the toilets and are now too polite to leave in the subsequent podcast, as usual.

We have been bestowed the great honour of recording an episode in the lunchtime session at convention. So if you're heading to the Barbican in July, do swing by and tell your friends you were the one shouting 'Gordon the Gopher!' at the five minute mark. 


James Wright