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If you were wondering where you might find a light-hearted conversation on professional development and career related matters in the charity sector then you've come to the right place.

Rather than invest in a sports car and bad shoes, your presenters opted to document their mid-life crisis with a podcast. Recorded in pubs around London and beyond, the do more good podcast delves in to middle management, current affairs and first-world problems over a pint or two.

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"which makes you andie macdowell."

BONUS EPISODE: James braves the North to record from the Institute of Fundraising Scottish Fundraising Conference. We hear from delegates, sponsors and speakers including the chair of the IOF Amanda Bringans, Virgina Anderson: leading a charge for small and medium sized charities, plus Gary Kernahan and Sebastian Jenkins: leading a charge to the bar. Ably assisted by Danielle Griffin, this episode features fan’s favorite Jeremy Gould, recordings from 20,000 feet plus live bagpipery. We are back for season Two.



"the pat sharp of podcasting."

BONUS EPISODE: The pod is missing Kenneth this week as James goes solo on a recording live at the IOF Convention. Fortunately Sandy is on hand to keep things professional and the duo are joined between sessions by Diveesha, Libby, Nina and Helen. Hecklers want to know where all the good fundraisers go and we hear about the revolution at Make-a-Wish. Meanwhile we discuss what we can learn from Uber, how to negotiate with your trousers on and we're reminded to always check the details when booked for a Hindu temple.    

season one

"hopefully none of our listeners are asleep after that monologue."

In a change to their standard set up this week's episode is brought to you on a lunchtime from the White Hart in Southwark. Sandy joins the boys to share her insight after fifteen years working with charities during her time with Blackbaud, including her move from Charleston in the US to Europe and what we can learn from the other side of the Atlantic. James gets carried away and develops an  obsession with pirates whilst Kenneth removes his Hawaiian shirt following a recent pitch and is forced to buy the beers.

"he's had a couple of beers..."

Recorded on the Friday before the Bank Holiday, the boys discuss the arrival of GDPR - but it isn't all fun - they also work through James' terrible week, a Blue Peter awakening and the demand for DMG merch. Fortunately (confirmed BDIF) Lucy Gower turns up to provide value on innovation, confidence and her predictions for how integrated both should become. Plus advice on not staying in your job for 18 months. Thought-Leader Kenneth blows our minds with the importance of sleep and then heads of on holiday before Gary the Dog completely steals the show.

"when robo-kenneth turns up."

The tenth podcast comes from Liverpool Street where the boys celebrate by chatting all things Digital with box-set supremo Dina Bhadreshwara. As the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Marie Curie, Dina brings actual experience and knowledge to the show, not to mention the revelation that she was the pioneer of all things social in the sector. Meanwhile Kenneth gets hot under the collar and James fears our robot overlords stealing his supporter base.

"i'm not the big cheese."

It's Saturday 21st of April and the Do More Good podcast comes live from the London Marathon expo. Kenneth and James catch-up with Teenage Cancer Trust, Marie Curie, Alzheimer's Society & Bloodwise and hear about what their plans are for marathon day. James opens his wallet for the first time, Kenneth hugs everyone in sight and the boys discuss plans ahead of the big day.

"you've totally lost me."

This week Kenneth and James leave Kings Cross and venture up to Angel to record from the Pearl & Feather public house. After a few busy weeks of events the boys decide to explore what makes a good supporter journey and share some of their experience. Also, Kenneth enjoys wearing a shell-suit far too much, James discusses creating short videos with an interesting selection of words and they look ahead to the Easter break.


"never forget the individual."

Recorded in the Parcel Yard pub in Kings Cross station. This week James and Kenneth are eventually joined by Keith Williams, General Manager of Just Giving. Keith shares his view on the role of JG, the future of fundraising, dealing with stress and trends in the mass participation event market. Meanwhile the swear jar makes a killing, James invites everyone along for dinner with his folks and Kenneth renegotiates his daughters football contract.

"mandela - bit of a rebel."

The boys are running out of bars in Kings Cross but found a Jazz-Corner in the VOC bar. The podcast enters a new era with the introduction of a swear box, James talks about stats from the Twitter, we cover the recent Oxfam case and discuss what makes a good leader. James complains about sore toes, and in no way linked to that Kenneth betrays a distain for soft southeners and his love of Gandhi. 

"you could start with that haircut."

Recorded on the outside terrace at the Big Chill on Pentonville Road James and Kenneth huddle together for warmth and cringe at the term personal brand, discuss getting out of your comfort zone and not worrying about what others think. The boys go into depth on what makes a great bag drop at an event, Tom comes along to take a few photos, James hugs a polar bear and Kenneth looks forward to a weekend bromance. The less said about spilling a pint over the table the better.

"This is the best date I've ever had."

Kenneth, recovering from illness, and James, looking like an extra from Grease, head to the bar at the posh Granary Brasserie behind Kings Cross. Once there they open up on strengths and weaknesses and how it takes all types to build great teams. Chat turns to how to deal with different personalities, what we want from management, dealing with supporters and with stress. Kenneth sucks up to his boss and James fails to order a beer, despite this he still gets promoted to MD of Google. It's a busy one. 


"the new financial year is a big celebration in my house."

The chaps are fresh from a RealBuzz presentation but feeling the effects of January and returning to work. The focus is on the new year, new offices and nude MPs, plus working practices, technology and how allowing flexibility leads to productivity. Recorded in the Crown and Sceptre, though we couldn't tell you where that is, James accidentally lets slip that his kids work in a mine and Kenneth casually offends IT workers across the land.


"I'm the perfect fundraiser. raised no money, done no training."

James turns up late and Kenneth admits he may have slightly exaggerated our audience to a prospective listener. The official subject for tonight's episode from the corner of Camino in Kings Cross is innovation and Kenneth goes big on the stats, however there is also a comparison of hangovers from the awards, stealing or sharing ideas, budgeting and new starters in the team. James steals the final takeaway this week and Kenneth races to catch his train. 

"I would not have employed me."

Kenneth has done his hair for the very first episode of the do more good podcast. Recorded in the Long Arm Brewing Company in Moorgate, just round the corner from the glamour of the JustGiving Awards to come later in the evening. (We didn't win.) After discussing why they got into fundraising and how James was made redundant for not having a topknot, this evening's conversation turns to careers, recruitment, finding and holding on to good people. Brilliant interns get recognition, as do terrible covering letters. The boys end by talking about the sporting challenges they have for the season which they go quiet on in later podcasts...

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