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If you were wondering where you might find a light-hearted conversation on professional development, the charity sector and interesting individuals who are Doing More Good then you've come to the right place.

Rather than invest in a sports car and bad shoes, your presenters opted to document their mid-life crisis with a podcast. Recorded in pubs around London and beyond, the Do More Good podcast delves in to a variety of topics and interviews with people from across the spectrum. We cover hot topics such as leadership, innovation, fundraising, current affairs and first-world problems over a pint or two.

The views expressed in all episodes are the personal views of the presenters, or the individual being interviewed.

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season three

DMG Episode 38 Button.jpg

“darling, i’m on the 7.10“

Our favourite emojis is a hot topic this week as we chat to Matt Collins about the career which led to him setting up his own agency. James takes a day off for a climate rally in order to avoid school whilst Kenneth is top of the class, earning his FA badges. Matt tells us how he dreamt of joining Childline as a kid then worked there as an adult. We admit to the temptation of working for profit, before adhering to Matt’s Dad’s wishes to do good, perhaps on the radio. Kenneth’s Dad, it turns out, is Welsh.

There’s a discussion on why colleagues are leaving the sector, how to build a passionate team and the texts Mrs Kenneth receives at ten-past seven. We chat mental health and therapy, stay up late at night and day-dream about winning awards. There’s the future of the sector and terrifying twenty year olds, all before we get to the all-new quickfire round.

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Published on Tuesday 8th October 2019

“work hard and be nice“

A private members club, no less, is our venue for this week's episode, not the kind of place you'd expect to see the cereal box challenge. James is limping and Kenneth gets emotional, fortunately Rosie and Simon are on hand to talk us through the opportunities and pitfalls of social media. We learn about frustrated showjumpers, reducing screen time and the importance of good hair in job interviews.

We chat mental health, develop super-powers and bring our authentic selves to the Twitter party. James swots up on Bake Off, Kenneth is the modern-day Dickens and we all get too many notifications.

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Published on Tuesday 1st October 2019

“there’s a peruvian division two game on“

This week on the Kenneth Foreman Podcast we start with a brief recap from our summer holidays and some now utterly redundant excitement around the Ashes. Our guest is genuinely impressed at some private investigation before we’re disappointed that she didn’t bring the breakfast samples. Sue Anstiss MBE (no less) joins the show to talk us through her career and how she went from selling chocolate from the boot of her car to eclipsing her siblings and securing the long-awaited GB vest.

We hear about how she set up her agency at just 26, the power of sport to change lives and, if you listen carefully, how to correctly pronounce Stockholm. There’s an exclusive live-on-air plus a reminder of what staple should always form part of a successful campaign. We talk about challenges in the wider industry and how to keep a team motivated before we get into a discussion around the prevalence of gambling in sport and what we can do to combat it.

James finds love on the cross country course, Kenneth turns down a big-money sponsorship opportunity and we all get a lesson in 21st century role models.

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Published on Tuesday 17th September 2019 - Executive Consultant Sam Walker

“ultimately, you need people who care“

We kick off with a round-up on nicknames this week before we hear how Puff Story started her career in New York at the age of 21. She went on to swap the bright lights of the Big Apple for the bright sparks of the Silicon South and joined an agency focused solely on life-saving, life-changing or problem-alleviating projects, without any compromise and a crazy business model.

We learn about setting your organisation’s mission, selecting staff and inspiring the next generation. We hear about dodging hurricanes, delivering blood and adopting the Top Gun approach to training. James accidentally downloads YouTube, Kenneth checks out some coarse fishing videos and Puff predicts an imminent podcast-wreck. There’s the dangers of the infinite scroll, dark patterns and how we can employ ethical design to sleep well at night. Plus there’s risk-aversion, the unstoppable rise of voice and consideration of the limits to Alexa’s power. There’s time for Nikos to think he’s won it and the best nickname of all time.

We do not, however, discuss AI.

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Published on Tuesday 2nd September 2019

“everything is on fire, please come and sort it out“

This is one for the scrapbooks as Kenneth and James record an episode to listen back to when they’re fifty seven. To help, Zoe Amar joins them describing how she turned her back on mergers & acquisitions, forwent investment banking and instead used law to help people. The legal profession proved useful when switching to the charity sector, not mention her involvement with the feared St Alban’s mafia, of which she is a key player.

Zoe describes how she extinguishes fires, defeats online trolls and avoids the all you can eat buffet. Plus we’re talking about how you can integrate your work rather than layer it, giving the supporter a better experience. Zoe questions leaders in the sector and provides the stats to show the pace of change has been far too slow recently.

James scraps his plans for an audience survey whilst Kenneth likes the look of the corner office, so Zoe describes her own experiences of diversity in the third sector giving us some quick wins and gives the guys some tips on how to attract some new listeners to the show.

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Published on Tuesday 20th August 2019

“a lady i will never meet saved my life“

After James spent a couple of days furiously scribbling notes and Kenneth spent hours practising his presentation, your hosts bumped into Claire Warner in the bar at the IoF Convention.

They got chatting about her career, how it all began as a ballsy 21 year old who thought she could secure sponsorship without any experience whatsoever. There's the benefits of a life involving artistic endeavour and helping people to be the best they can be.

Claire describes how people buy passion and Kenneth worries about how he has become the average of the six people he spends most time with. There's just time for James to wonder why people listen to outsiders more than insiders before things get emotional...

Claire details her love-hate relationship with social media, despite the fact it saved her life and propelled part of her to viral stardom, securing offers of TV appearances around the world. Our guest tells her story from diagnosis to paying it forward through the support of strangers and how she wants to improve the sector for everyone.


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“i speak in emoji sometimes“

Following his hit blog post on his future in the sector we chat to wannabe-vet Joe Freeman about his roles to date and where he plans to go as he steps into the big office. We manage to keep a straight face as Kenneth details his childhood ambitions to become a doctor and lament the loss of the James' Jolly Newspaper from the presses.

Joe describes the genesis of digital teams in charities and how we're monitoring the next generation of leaders coming to the fore. We hear what it takes to become Insta-famous and how they align with the skills Joe looks for in applicants to his teams. We also highlight some great work being done at the moment and the highlights of Joe's career.

K-Dizzle sneaks in a mention of New Media Age magazine, we question whether we need to be more ethically aware in choosing platforms, how conversations are turning private and force Joe to decide live on air where his next role will be. Joe remains steadfast in his refusal to boost James' Twitter followers so in an act of petty vengance we leave in the section we promised to edit out.

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“we have created some art.“

We're feeling reflective this week as we talk podcasts with Rachel Stephenson Sheff, the presenter and producer of the hugely successful 'What Donors Want'. Your own hosts make a great first impression by giving an update on Kenneth's decking and describing the weather. Fortunately Rachel brings some class to proceedings with talk of jazz and opera whilst dropping phrases like 'medium-du-jour' and detailing how she developed her show from brainstorm to blockbuster.

We chat the lure of rom-coms, pick a spice girl and warn of dangerous driving as we discuss how do develop your own show; finding guests, as well as your niche; and reveal top tips for writing a cold email. We're amazed by Kenneth's surprisingly high-brow dream guest, shocked at James' reaction to feedback and reveal why Rachel's career as a comedy critic never took off.

With euphemisms for fundraising, playing the long game and the reassurance that if your podcast falls quietly in the woods, it doesn't make a sound no matter how much you spent on high-end professional microphones.

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“no refunds.“

Kenneth and James failed to make it along to Pizza for Losers, but keen to ensure not everyone missed out we enlisted roving reporter Alfie Waldron to capture the day. Facing his own failures from the start, Alfie learnt how we're sick of winners yet why we're uncomfortable talking about our own mistakes. There is a guide to what you need to develop a strong culture and how failure happens to good people as well as your regular hosts. We're introduced to Katherine Johnson and Margaret Hamilton who landed mankind on the moon, and the Pablo Escobar of Pop who landed S-Club7 in A&E.

Speakers reveal their findings from twitter polls and describe why we should not only embrace a growth mindset, but listen carefully to Annie Lennox and become a human-rights-defender in our lunchbreaks. There's the power of resilience, one-word organisational strategies and the opportunity to tell QR codes what you really think of them. After all, we fail because we try.

Our thanks to Nikki Bell (the international jetsetting consultant) for the invitation, Josh Leigh for the Toyota and Alfie Waldron for saving the day. You can see more on our superstar stand-in guest presenter at www.domoregood.uk/alfie

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“i’m excited about the next generation of leaders.“

This week Kenneth is flying solo as he meets lifelong fundraiser, mentor extraordinaire and all-round optimist Richard Sved. Whilst the cool kids are out seeing bands, we break our golden rule and also get stuck in to some manual labour.

Meanwhile Richard describes how he thought he had escaped the pull of management consultancy and his passion for the sector, where it all began and how his career has led him to charities large and small. He reveals his pre-match routine for walking in the door at a new client, the power of listening and finding time for his own personal development. Failure is on the agenda for the next couple of episodes and Richard describes how important this is, as well as identifying your personal stress indicators and what to do when they show. Plus there's vulnerability, excitement and a heartfelt confession, all with a cheap gin and tonic.

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“kenneth is the clever one.“

After a London Marathon hiatus, the boys are back with an episode from The Stroke Association's Amazing Brains evening at the Science Museum. Joined by Becky Francis and the man known internally as the King of Cheese, Tony Banks - we're talking about how events like these are key in raising awareness and prompting future support.

Tony describes how his career developed from awards events with journalists to shots at the bar with Dukes. He gives advice on where to focus your attention on the build up, remaining calm in the maelstrom of event night and how the evolution of the sector leads to opportunities for anyone to shine. Meanwhile Becky shuts down vicious rumours on Twitter and highlights how the night gives her an opportunity to enjoy different conversations with supporters whilst learning more and becoming inspired herself.

Kenneth, the clever one, struggles to find the words to describe the last few weeks and wants to better understand his kids, meanwhile James enjoys the complimentary bar whilst keeping his south-London roots under wraps. On the whole, it's a less sweaty environment to what they're used to.

Our thanks to The Stroke Association for the invitation to attend.

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“feel the fear and do it anyway.“

In this episode we're chatting comms with champion figure-skater Kirsty Marrins. She describes how redundancy was the best thing that ever happened to her despite the excitement of 2014.

We discuss the importance and selflessness of networking, despite the hangovers, and how building a consultancy comes from word of mouth. Plus there's social media gold to be found on old accounts before any of us knew what we were doing, which is fortunate as it's difficult to measure the impact.

Meanwhile there are lay-offs at DMG Headquarters which is difficult when haircuts need to be paid for, nevertheless we all need development so don't miss the opportunity to compliment your boss' pet.

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"you are the solution to a problem the donor is trying to solve."

This week the boys meet Carlos Miranda, the founder of I.G. Advisors, Social Misfits Media and Lighful. We chat about how he grew up wanting to be a film director but turned out as Beyonce, pulling in $100m dollar gifts for the New York City library and maintaining a healthy coffee addiction. There are the common themes facing major-giving teams in the UK and what they have learnt from their counterparts in the US. We throw down the gauntlet to twitter users everywhere and make a plea to the winner of Papa New Guinea X Factor. Kenneth and James learn how there's no place quite like London, dressing down your pitch and passing the airport test. We find out how much someone can change, how to enjoy lunch and how to become the most important person in someone's career.

Don't worry, we paid extra for the banter.

"i don’t have any kind of grand plan."

For the start of Season Three, Kenneth and James are joined by Hilary Evans from Alzheimer's Research UK. Hilary has overseen massive growth in the organisation since taking over as CEO but reveals how she built a strategy for the organisation in just two months.

We hear how you can really drive change as Chief Executive, providing you make the most of the opportunities which come your way and how people and relationships are key whoever you are and whatever you're doing. Kenneth turns up with an apple for the teacher but we learn he is the most likely to misbehave after dark whilst James realises where he's been going wrong all these years and reveals it was he who came up with 'triangle'.

We are back with the difficult third album.

season two

"We’ve had enough of winners!"

Season Two is going out with a belter of an episode, live from the loudest pub in London. Confirmed Northener Nikki Bell joins the boys straight from the IWITOT stage to talk about the power of the Olympic torch, her life as a consultant and how she ended up moving from St Oswalds to the British Heart Foundation for the fish lunches. There’s advice on relationship fundraising, shouting about the work you do from home and how not to get fired by Twitter. Kenneth dreams of being a glitter fairy whilst James is testing out some new material.

Meanwhile Nikki names her favourite leaders in the sector and explains how face to face fundraising lays the foundations for a stellar career before trying out an Essex accent. Everyone agrees we’ve had enough of winners but can’t get enough Pizza Margherita. There’s chat about the IOF Convention, networking events and how many awards make an Award-Winner.

With a guest appearance from Sandra in Accounts and a masterclass in segways, we’re packing for the DMG Roadshow.

"you know what mansplaining is, right?"

In the last of our January episodes the guys are not drinking in a bar joined by the BAFTA-award-winning entrepreneur Roberta Lucca - one of Forbes' top 50 women in tech and a champion flosser. Kenneth tries to match up by wearing glasses and James details his new comedy career.

Meanwhile Roberta explains how she came to be running a multi-million dollar company and how she manages to stay focused on her four key priorities. We discuss the key attributes to look for when recruiting a team plus the importance of staying humble and identifying our own weaknesses during the process.

We discover how identifying both co-founders and mentors is a lot like dating - providing you prefer to date very slowly with plenty of online research. There's also talk of superstar DJs, where to find a millennial and the lies they tell on wikipedia.

Roberta reveals her inspirations and how she hopes she might become a role-model for someone someday. Then finally, after twenty-three episodes a guest finally answers our final question correctly.

We're off to play Fortnite...

DMG Episode 22 Button.jpg

"time to unfollow social media?"

This week it's the great social media debate. Kenneth and James spend dry January with mystery-shopping digital-experts Bertie and Fliss to discuss the ethics behind some of the biggest platforms and how they have changed into public relations forums.

As well as talking about how social media has changed since it began and whether we should be investing in Facebook as charities and individuals, we also get into the role of consultants, integrating digital into a fundraising strategy, what organisations should be doing today and tomorrow in the digital sphere. There’s a competition to see who has the fastest-signing chief executive and Kenneth learns to doggy-paddle.

And that's all after we hear tales of sneaking in to Pulp gigs through the kitchen, the true identities of Daft Punk and how students fundraise in their underwear. Anyone for a non-alcoholic pale ale?

"i now recognise i had depression then."

Kenneth and James meet confirmed BDOT Mandy Johnson this week to talk all about mental health. We discuss how things have changed in the sector and society, plus what we can do to improve our awareness and response. Mandy describes her own experiences, speaking openly about how she came through and what she has planned next in her stellar career.

It's a more serious episode to what you're used to, as it should be. Yet we do need to get Kenneth a desk assessment and James a sick bucket.

If you feel someone you work with could do with a coffee and a chat about how things are going we recommend you take a look at the excellent resources on the Mind website below. You can also find more information on the first aid course mentioned by visiting the Mental Health First Aid website here. If you just want to talk to someone about the issues raised in this episode contact the Samaritans any time, from any phone on 116 123 or by visiting their site.

Our thanks to Mandy for her honesty. You can find her on Twitter and her list of Great Charity Speakers.

Helping others / Depression / Stress / Support

"your listeners are better fundraisers."

Kenneth and James head back to old haunts this week and bump in to coach and presenter Rob Woods from Brightspot for a chat through his latest blog post on incredible Captains.

Rob describes the surprising traits which make them so successful plus how to harness the power of a raised eyebrow, perfect listening and stealing other people's ideas. The guys learn about the phenomenon of social loafing, fighting your ego when answering questions and identifying as an ugly duckling. Talking of whom, Kenneth tries not to talk during meetings and James seeks help for his Sunday-League Team.

This packed episode also features references to Liz Tait, Charles Pegram, Joe Jenkins and surprisingly, John Wayne.

They also discover how to secure free bottles of wine in New York and what it takes to drink 56 coffees in a week.

"Our School Dads’ group has its own logo."

CATCH UP: The boys meet up for the Do More Good 2019 Strategy Day in Borough. They compare tales from curry nights, run through what's trending on Twitter and discuss the episodes we've released this year. Kenneth is keeping a keen eye on other podcasts in the sector and gets sentimental about the first year of Do More Good. James is looking forward to a week of Christmas Parties and is thankful he no longer has to catch the B13 home from Bexleyheath.

"they’re having a silent disco over there."

The boys head to the world's tidiest disaster zone as they interview Peter Lewis, Chief Executive of the Institute of Fundraising in their recently fire-and-flood-ravaged office in Westminster.

Despite a challenging couple of weeks and a broken coffee machine, nothing stops Peter from pursuing equality, diversity and inclusion in the sector as they discuss The Change Collective - a new campaign to ensure everyone sees fundraising as a career they can thrive in.

There are million-pound cheques on offer, an invite to a silent disco and more from the very worthy Do More Good podcast this week.

You can follow Peter on Twitter and sponsor him at JustGiving and for more on The Change Collective click right here.

"you need to think in an entrepreneurial way. constantly."

We’re out with the suits tonight, invited to a South London brewery to talk all about pitching for the big money partnerships.

Four Corporate heavy-hitters tell us what attracts them to the high-stakes world of Corporate Fundraising, what makes a great partnership, the skills needed to charm the toughest CSR Teams and why you should never ever neglect the pipeline.

Sipping craft ales and pinot grigios were Jeremy Gould, Nick Sankey, Jenni Anderson and the man who will never mention his NSPCC and o2 partnership unless you really, really want him to, Ben Swart. Plus we gave a shout out to the IoF Corporate Special Interest Group.

"people love mcdonald’s coffee"

Whether you like it or not, plastic (and the huge amounts of it we are producing) is going to affect the causes you work for or care about in some way. As a sector we're not great at how we deal with it so we went in search of a couple of people who were leading the way. Hanging out at Somerset House we stumbled across Trewin, CEO of environmental charity Hubbub who are winning awards for their work. Then we ran up to the Serpentine to meet with Persephone and Kristen from the Royal Parks who explained how they reduced their impact on the environment at the Half Marathon this year.

In our chats we discovered some simple ways you can change your behaviour and that of others through mind-tricks, gamification, facilitation and the humble rubbish bin. We also discover how to carry water in seaweed and who the best footballer in the world is. I know, I know, we're good to you...

"a decent human being or a better spreadsheet?"

A tough one, we love a good spreadsheet. For the first official episode of Season Two we chat about Mat and Pat. We talk to Tash and Patrick about their different experiences of leave in the charity sector and we make a dash up to Kings Cross to find out what Google offer their employees. Chloe quits her job, Tash wants a party, Patrick calls for a revolution and Wilbur steals the show. Whether you're a manager, a colleague or a parent yourself here are some do's and don't's around Parental Leave in the sector and what we can do better.

"which makes you andie macdowell."

BONUS EPISODE: James braves the North to record from the Institute of Fundraising Scottish Fundraising Conference. We hear from delegates, sponsors and speakers including the chair of the IOF Amanda Bringans, Virgina Anderson: leading a charge for small and medium sized charities, plus Gary Kernahan and Sebastian Jenkins: leading a charge to the bar. Ably assisted by Danielle Griffin, this episode features fan’s favorite Jeremy Gould, recordings from 20,000 feet plus live bagpipery. We are back for season Two.

"the pat sharp of podcasting."

BONUS EPISODE: The pod is missing Kenneth this week as James goes solo on a recording live at the IOF Convention. Fortunately Sandy is on hand to keep things professional and the duo are joined between sessions by Diveesha, Libby, Nina and Helen. Hecklers want to know where all the good fundraisers go and we hear about the revolution at Make-a-Wish. Meanwhile we discuss what we can learn from Uber, how to negotiate with your trousers on and we're reminded to always check the details when booked for a Hindu temple.    

season one

"hopefully none of our listeners are asleep after that monologue."

In a change to their standard set up this week's episode is brought to you on a lunchtime from the White Hart in Southwark. Sandy joins the boys to share her insight after fifteen years working with charities during her time with Blackbaud, including her move from Charleston in the US to Europe and what we can learn from the other side of the Atlantic. James gets carried away and develops an  obsession with pirates whilst Kenneth removes his Hawaiian shirt following a recent pitch and is forced to buy the beers.

"he's had a couple of beers..."

Recorded on the Friday before the Bank Holiday, the boys discuss the arrival of GDPR - but it isn't all fun - they also work through James' terrible week, a Blue Peter awakening and the demand for DMG merch. Fortunately (confirmed BDIF) Lucy Gower turns up to provide value on innovation, confidence and her predictions for how integrated both should become. Plus advice on not staying in your job for 18 months. Thought-Leader Kenneth blows our minds with the importance of sleep and then heads of on holiday before Gary the Dog completely steals the show.

"when robo-kenneth turns up."

The tenth podcast comes from Liverpool Street where the boys celebrate by chatting all things Digital with box-set supremo Dina Bhadreshwara. As the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Marie Curie, Dina brings actual experience and knowledge to the show, not to mention the revelation that she was the pioneer of all things social in the sector. Meanwhile Kenneth gets hot under the collar and James fears our robot overlords stealing his supporter base.

"i'm not the big cheese."

It's Saturday 21st of April and the Do More Good podcast comes live from the London Marathon expo. Kenneth and James catch-up with Teenage Cancer Trust, Marie Curie, Alzheimer's Society & Bloodwise and hear about what their plans are for marathon day. James opens his wallet for the first time, Kenneth hugs everyone in sight and the boys discuss plans ahead of the big day.

"you've totally lost me."

This week Kenneth and James leave Kings Cross and venture up to Angel to record from the Pearl & Feather public house. After a few busy weeks of events the boys decide to explore what makes a good supporter journey and share some of their experience. Also, Kenneth enjoys wearing a shell-suit far too much, James discusses creating short videos with an interesting selection of words and they look ahead to the Easter break.

"never forget the individual."

Recorded in the Parcel Yard pub in Kings Cross station. This week James and Kenneth are eventually joined by Keith Williams, General Manager of Just Giving. Keith shares his view on the role of JG, the future of fundraising, dealing with stress and trends in the mass participation event market. Meanwhile the swear jar makes a killing, James invites everyone along for dinner with his folks and Kenneth renegotiates his daughters football contract.

"mandela - bit of a rebel."

The boys are running out of bars in Kings Cross but found a Jazz-Corner in the VOC bar. The podcast enters a new era with the introduction of a swear box, James talks about stats from the Twitter, we cover the recent Oxfam case and discuss what makes a good leader. James complains about sore toes, and in no way linked to that Kenneth betrays a distain for soft southeners and his love of Gandhi. 

"you could start with that haircut."

Recorded on the outside terrace at the Big Chill on Pentonville Road James and Kenneth huddle together for warmth and cringe at the term personal brand, discuss getting out of your comfort zone and not worrying about what others think. The boys go into depth on what makes a great bag drop at an event, Tom comes along to take a few photos, James hugs a polar bear and Kenneth looks forward to a weekend bromance. The less said about spilling a pint over the table the better.

"This is the best date I've ever had."

Kenneth, recovering from illness, and James, looking like an extra from Grease, head to the bar at the posh Granary Brasserie behind Kings Cross. Once there they open up on strengths and weaknesses and how it takes all types to build great teams. Chat turns to how to deal with different personalities, what we want from management, dealing with supporters and with stress. Kenneth sucks up to his boss and James fails to order a beer, despite this he still gets promoted to MD of Google. It's a busy one. 

"the new financial year is a big celebration in my house."

The chaps are fresh from a RealBuzz presentation but feeling the effects of January and returning to work. The focus is on the new year, new offices and nude MPs, plus working practices, technology and how allowing flexibility leads to productivity. Recorded in the Crown and Sceptre, though we couldn't tell you where that is, James accidentally lets slip that his kids work in a mine and Kenneth casually offends IT workers across the land.

"I'm the perfect fundraiser. raised no money, done no training."

James turns up late and Kenneth admits he may have slightly exaggerated our audience to a prospective listener. The official subject for tonight's episode from the corner of Camino in Kings Cross is innovation and Kenneth goes big on the stats, however there is also a comparison of hangovers from the awards, stealing or sharing ideas, budgeting and new starters in the team. James steals the final takeaway this week and Kenneth races to catch his train. 

"I would not have employed me."

Kenneth has done his hair for the very first episode of the do more good podcast. Recorded in the Long Arm Brewing Company in Moorgate, just round the corner from the glamour of the JustGiving Awards to come later in the evening. (We didn't win.) After discussing why they got into fundraising and how James was made redundant for not having a topknot, this evening's conversation turns to careers, recruitment, finding and holding on to good people. Brilliant interns get recognition, as do terrible covering letters. The boys end by talking about the sporting challenges they have for the season which they go quiet on in later podcasts...

Pod BW 05 HR.jpg