All the good presenters were taken, so you're stuck with these two chumps. 


The driving force behind the Do More Good podcast, Kenneth's day job is working with charities of all sizes at London Marathon Events, having previously led the event fundraising team at Alzheimer’s Research UK. He uses passion, northern charm, drive and impeccable time-keeping to great effect and was once identified as a future fundraising leader by the Institute of Fundraising, though they'd probably deny that now. Outside work Kenneth loves nothing more than googling himself, practicing his intros and roll-neck jumpers.

You can find him @kenf81



Stepping in to the glamorous assistant role is your very own south Londoner. What James lacks in actual knowledge he makes up for in enthusiasm and anecdotes, he's also easily led-astray and has a genuine passion for spreadsheets. A heady mix. When he's not editing podcasts until the small hours, James manages sports events for Sue Ryder and when he's not managing sports events he is chairing the Event Managers' Forum of the IOF or recovering from a hangover. Though he should probably find some time to go shopping for a shirt that fits.

You can get in touch @JamesWEvents.