welcome to the gang!

Thanks very much for agreeing to star on the next episode of the Do More Good Podcast, great decision.

We’ll have been in touch to discuss arrangements but we thought it might be nice to put your mind at rest about what’s involved. Essentially it’s really simple - James turns up with all the kit and Kenneth gets the drinks in. We’ll talk you through it before we hit record but once we do there’s nothing to stop us pausing, changing our minds about something, re-recording certain sections if you decide you could be more concise, extra emotive or less libelous. Post-recording we play around with the sound to remove as many ‘umms’ and ‘errs’ as we can and chop things up to make us sound intelligent (it doesn’t always work).

We have likely invited you on to talk about a project, specialism or role you have but we’re just as interested in you and your story. So be prepared to talk about your career to date, learnings, failures and advice for new kids to the sector who may want to follow your path to greatness. You’re kind of a big deal.

Oh, and do your hair we’re trying to get better at remembering to take photos and video for promo. Talking of which, check out the video below…

That’s it, if nothing else it’ll be fun.